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Residential Landscapes in Las Vegas
   Landscape design is the conscious arrangement of outdoor space for human enjoyment and satisfaction. A well-designed home landscape is aesthetically pleasing and functional. It offers pleasure to the family, enhances the neighborhood and adds to the property's resale value. With a little forethought and planning, you can organize your home site for maximum use and pleasure, and create a visual relationship between the house, its site, and the neighborhood.
   When planning the landscape of your home grounds, V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care designers think about the entire space and overall effect you want to achieve. We do not limit our ideas to trees, shrubs and grass. We also consider including a patio, deck, screening wall, outdoor lighting, a new walk, etc. as possible features.
   In order to provide you with professional landscaping services and rates within your budget, a V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care representative will meet with you and visually survey the site. We assess your ideas to better understand what you desire in your outdoor living space. We provide advice and options to create an attractive and functional design within your budget.

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Residential Landscaping Projects
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Residential Landscape
Residential Landscape

Step One: Develop a Plot Plan

As the first step in the landscape design, we draw the plot plan of the site showing the boundaries and physical features that will affect the landscaping design. Residential Landscape

Step Two: Conduct a Site Analysis

We study the site and analyze its environmental features.

Sun and Shade

The way the sun affects your house and site at different seasons will greatly influence the overall design. By knowing the direction of the sun at different times of the year, we can determine where trees will be needed to provide shade in the summer and where you will need open areas to allow the winter sun's rays to heat the house and outdoor living areas.

Sights and Sounds

We walk around your property and note what we see in various directions. We take note of the objectionable noises that occur often. We note the good and bad views and the sources of noise. We also consider the views looking in.


Residential LandscapeMany families are confronted with the difficult task of landscaping in "urban soils", which may include mortar, bricks, sheetrock, plywood, plastic, and other leftovers. Some soils need physical and chemical amendments before trees and shrubs can be planted. We may have soil tests made and note the soil type and topsoil depth on the site analysis. We also note any poorly drained areas that may need underground drainage.

Step Three: Assess Family Needs

Identifying your personal needs and wants will help us design a landscape that is aesthetically pleasing, enjoyable, and functional for your family.

Step Four - Locate Use Areas

We try to provide enough space for each activity. Following this step divides the site into several separate areas, each serving a specific purpose but all combined into the overall design.
Public, private (family), and service (utility) areas can usually be defined in residential landscapes. We try to develop each one according to your family's needs and priorities.

Step Five Ė Develop Use Areas

Public and Entrance AreasResidential Landscape

The area most often seen by passers-by and guests is referred to as the public area. It usually includes the front yard, drive, walks, and main entrance to the home. The front walkway should be at least 4-1/2 feet wide, and we often consider using a surface texture and outdoor lighting that will effectively direct pedestrians after dark. Foundation plants are important as they greet visitors, add dimension to the area, so we plant them in a manner that will accentuate the architectural lines of the house. The parking area can also be incorporated in the landscape design.

Family Activity Areas

Residential LandscapeWhen designing areas to be used by the family, we refer to the needs identified in step three. We take into consideration your family's landscape needs and wants. We believe that the outdoor living areas should be easily accessible to living and kitchen areas of the home. Therefore, we offer, in our residential landscapes, the options of creating decks, patios, and terraces. Additionally, hot tubs, container plants, raised beds, water features, and sculptures can all be combined to enhance an outdoor living area.
We also consider the needs of small children for landscape space, plans for sandboxes, swing sets, playhouses, and toys to be located in the family activity area.
The recreation and sport area is also a part of the family area. Some families enjoy sports, such as tennis or swimming that require special planning. If you may someday add a tennis court or a swimming pool to your site, let us know and we will design your landscape with the necessary open space for such future projects.

Utility or Service Area

Every residential landscape requires an area where gardening equipment, garbage cans, firewood, bicycles, and other items can be stored. Often these items end up at one side of the garage, behind the back porch, or under the deck. When designing your landscape, we set aside a certain amount of space for these necessities.

Step Six - Design, Construct, and Plant

Landscaping guided by a series of "rules" does not take the needs of individual families and sites into account. Therefore, V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care designs are not based on following rigid rules. Our design concepts are drawn upon selectively to meet individual landscape needs. In designing a landscape, we consider the site inventory and analysis, the style of architecture, and your family's personal landscape requirements. The objective is to create good visual relationships between the features on the site and the site itself.
Creating spaces is important in accomplishing this objective. The finished design should reflect the priorities set by your family to satisfy its aesthetic values and functional requirements.
If the site analysis reflected a need to screen unsightly views, provide a noise barrier, or create privacy, our landscapes will provide the needed privacy to your home. Desert plants, shrubs, trees and palm trees combined with decorative rocks and boulders create very attractive landscapes, or xeriscapes. Surface textured walkways, with nice designs and patterns, will improve the look of your front and back yards.

Preparing the Final Plan

When we have finished the planning steps and considered the various design concepts, we are ready to begin designing your landscape. This final plan will also show any changes to be made in the walks or drive and any additions such as a deck or patio.

Construct and Plant

Residential LandscapeAfter completing the plan, we will begin the work on the landscape. In order to install your new landscape, we remove any debris and weeds from the site. If necessary, we remove any bad topsoil and install drains in poorly drained areas. We also shape the underlying subsoil to the desired contour and redistribute topsoil uniformly above the subsoil. A 2 to 3 percent slope is needed for proper drainage away from buildings. We water the area to enhance settling and fill areas that settle unevenly to avoid standing water. We also do the soil preparation and initial fertilization if necessary. Planting and spreading the decorative rock on the surface is the next and final step.

Remember, V.I.P. Landscaping And Lawn Care always considers your needs and budget in designing and installing a new landscape, because we believe that "what pleases you and your family is our criterion for a 'good' design".

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